Edmonton’s 2020 Sports Scene Officially Includes Your Prospects

By Len Nunes

“..the 5th year option that was part of our original agreement, at the end of the day, was decided that at this point in time that it was the best route to go.” Those are the words of the Edmonton Prospects Managing Partner Patrick Cassidy speaking to Dean Millard on the “Prospects Baseball Show”.

In early November your Prospects were told by the City to begin ramping up for their 2020 season. On November 27th, all the I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed to officially declare the Prospects 10th season at RE/MAX Field. The team played at then-named TELUS Field in their inaugural year 2005 before taking up residency in the downtown diamond again in 2012. To see the full history of the Prospects, click HERE.

When asked on that episode of the “Prospects Baseball Show’ about the future of RE/MAX Field, Cassidy replied, “The City has already put a contract in place to replace the lights (with LED lights). Which is good, it is something that needed to be done and something that in the long term will be beneficial from a cost efficiency standpoint in terms of operating the ballpark...I think the future of RE/MAX Field is solid. I think the City is committed to the ballpark. The fact they are investing a bunch of money in lights starts to speak to that.”. 

Negotiations are ongoing for a long-term deal to keep the Prospects in the downtown park and an option for Edmonton sports fans during the spring and summer months for years to come. 

On December 2nd, the Prospects along with the Eskimos Football Club, Stingers Basketball Team, and FC Edmonton united to create the “Ultimate Sports Fan Pass”! The Ultimate Sports Fan Pass is one ticket to each different sport during the 2020 regular season for only $79 dollars plus tax. The offer expires on December 23rd , order yours today by clicking HERE! 

See you at the ballpark in 2020 and thank you for your continued support.