The Edmonton Prospects will kick off their 2019 baseball season on Saturday May 25th in style.  At 5pm they will be welcoming the first 200 people to the Ballpark into the Prospect Patio Pit where they will enjoy music, $2 hotdogs, $4 beer and visiting Burlesque girls - all accompanied by our newest addition, "Triple P".  "Triple P" is Prospector Pete who recently returned to Edmonton from Pete’s Prayer, Yukon where he’s been mining Gold for the past 30 years.  Prospector Pete’s offered to help the team out in any way he can in 2019, and we are mighty grateful.

Councillor Michael Walters has offered to throw out the first pitch at 6:55 pm with the game between the Edmonton Prospects and Lethbridge Bulls commencing at 7:05.

THEN, once we dispatch of those pesky Bulls, Aerial Fireworks will engage the music and blast a few choreographed sparklers into the Edmonton sky.  Where they land only "Kreskin" probably knows for sure.



Hey, name the last time you put on your best Hawaiian shirt and had a chance to apprehend a thug?  That’s what we thought, NEVER?

Well, join us Sunday afternoon at 2pm to celebrate some of societies UNSUNG HEROES, those people who at the spur of the moment do things that go beyond the expected and often put their own lives in danger for the betterment of others.  On April 13th, 2019 the "Hawaiian Shirt Man" did a very brave deed indeed, but he’s not alone as we all too often hear those stories about other regular people who by chance were put in a position to act, and did so, often placing themselves at risk or even in danger of losing their own life.

The Hawaiian Shirt has become the symbol of sacrifice, courage and humility in Edmonton - so wear yours proudly to the Sunday May 26th game and if you wear it along with a lei you will receive a FREE pair of tickets to the Monday June 21st AFTERNOON HOOKY game. 



PROSPECTS CAMPS & CLINICS have never been more popular!  The Pre-Game Clinic, where your team can practice with our team has one spot left and our annual July Kids Camp is almost ½ filled.  Go online to the Kids Camp Menu to register children from 6-13 into one of Edmonton’s most popular summer baseball experiences at RE/MAX Field.



With the Edmonton Prospects in the process of putting together their best argument for a long-term lease, it has never been more important for the baseball fans of Edmonton to "step up to the plate" and make their feelings known.

With the River Crossing Neighborhood Structure Plan and Business Plan about to go to Council, it is extremely important that the Mayor and City Councillors understand that baseball has and will always be an important piece of Edmonton’s history and cultural longing.

Send emails to your Councillors and the Mayor’s Office.  Buy Season Tickets, Game-Day Tickets, sponsor the team and show up at the Ballpark.  It’s the best way to show you care and as that old saying goes, “actions speak far louder than words”.