Who Is The Mysterious One They Call “The Bolt”?

By Len Nunes

The Edmonton Prospects call him, well I believe it's a him (maybe not?), "The Bolt". No, we are not talking about a new baseball player added to the team's roster, we are talking about a mysterious figure that appears in the middle of the 5th inning to amaze fans.

Aptly dubbed "The Bolt", the spandex covered entity has above average foot speed and endurance. You will not find anyone like "The Bolt" anywhere else in the WMBL!

Always looking for a challenge, "The Bolt" allows the Prospects to put him/her in a foot race against any confident fan in attendance. It is not just a simple foot race though.  As per "The Bolt's" orders, the chosen fan is allowed a healthy head start in the race. The race starts in the deepest part of left field and follows along the warning track all the way over to the right field foul line. Whether you are cheering for the mysterious figure or for the fan, you will watch in awe as "The Bolt" quickly closes the gap in the race.

The question is who is "The Bolt"? Is the entity a former baseball player? Is the entity a track star in training for the Olympics? Is it against league rules to have a pinch runner that has their face covered in a mask?

Those answers may never come to be known but we can reveal that the masked racer is human. That makes the masked racer susceptible to the rare defeat.  If the challenger defeats “The Bolt", the winning fan wins a prize!

So you’re thinking to yourself, how do I sign up to challenge this Phenom? Stop by the Customer Service booth (next to the Merchandise Store on the concourse level) and leave your information (name, seat location, phone number) with the attendant. If you are selected, you will be contacted prior to the fourth inning to prepare for your race in the middle of the 5th inning.

Good luck and “Boltspeed”!